Water suppliers ensure that water delivered to customers meets or exceeds old drinking water requirements however  past a customer’s water the water supplier typically no longer has control over the use and subsequently the quality of the water

How does backflow occur

To  understand backflow you need to understand hydraulic conditions of water,Water can flow in an opposite direction from the intended direction of flow. Once this happens or created meaning (a cross-connection) chemicals, water from other sources, gases, solids or substances other than portable water may be introduced in the water distribution system public or private water system. this can cause water quality to be compromised and, in some cases cause illness injury or even death

For example   backflow can happen when a domestic water system is connected to a piece of equipment or other plumbing fixture that uses or contains a substance other than domestic water is an actual cross connection this would include any direct Connection bypass arrangement removable section change over device that directly connects to domestic water system to a non domestic water system

And when this happens domestic water  we’ll get contaminated with:

  1. Chemicals ( detergent /fertilizer/ antifreeze chemicals for boilers)
  2. Gases
  3. Human waste

Do I need a backflow preventer installed in my home business

Commercial and multi residential property owners how to meet  various by laws and standards of Backflow prevention.

Some residential homes which do have irrigation systems attached to domestic water need backflow prevention devices.

At  mechanical Masters technicians our  journeyman plumbers a certified installers  and installers by the  American Water Works Association

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