Toilet Repair

Home owners, property owners or business owners in Edmonton and surrounding areas you may already comprehend the significance of good working plumbing. Any Plumbing issue can ruin your day especially when it comes to a non working toilet. In this instance you should reach out to your local plumber or plumbing company you trust for your regular maintenance.

Regardless of when the problem happens, let it be flushing, refilling or not being used. For a qualified plumber in Edmonton and surrounding areas, call Mechanical Masters Inc! Mechanical masters Inc is your go to place for plumbing repairs, replacements and installations. A non functioning or clogged toilet shouldn’t ruin your day. At Mechanical masters Inc we service the Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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Residential & Commercial Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning and unclogging is what Mechanical Masters Inc does. We unclog drains in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and other areas of your home or building. Our technicians can perform fast and effective drain cleaning, including camera inspections and high-pressure water jetting for sewer lines.

Mechanical or power cleaning is the best way to remove blocked points from a drain. The environmental effects of chemical drain cleaners can be avoided with this method as well as hazardous Chemicals to Plumbing fixtures drains and the end user, the power method should remove any blockage.

Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping the drain pipes clear. The homeowner or landlord  should discharge hot water down the drain on a periodic basis and should avoid pouring grease into the drain. Strainers should be used on fixture Outlets to trap solids from flowing into the drain.

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Pipe Inspection

When a sewer line creates continuous  blockage problems,  line inspection may be necessary to determine the actual cause of blockage this inspection will determine the necessary sewer or drain maintenance procedure that may be warranted to prevent excessive blockages in the future

24-hour Emergency Drain Cleaning

For all of your drain problems, Mechanical masters Inc provides 24-hour emergency service. We know clogs can happen when you least expect them. With around-the-clock emergency service, we can have your sink, bathtub, washer, toilet, or floor drain unclogged as soon as possible. If you have an after-hours emergency.

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Plumbing Installations/Repairs/Maintenance

Mechanical Masters inc plumbing and heating and gas fitting provides both residential and commercial plumbing repairs in Edmonton And surrounding areas

Most people all there know about the plumbing in their home or business is that when their turn on the faucet water appears, and down the drain the water goes. What happens behind walls that allows that to happen.

Let’s talk from the being, The water source from the water supplier. Water enters the property through a water main from the street into your basement where the water main shut off valve is located and water meter  it’s a good idea to learn where the main shut off valve for your home is located in case of an emergency.

The water drains out of your house through well constructed structures with a pretty complicated system of rigid plastic drain pipes. It all starts with the main stuck 3-4 inches (ca. 10 cm) in diameter, and travel from the main sewer line all the way through your house or business  and vented out the roof this vent allows methane gas to escape and it provides much-needed air so all your drains follow freely.

Drain lines for all the fixtures in your home or business follow through horizontal drain pipes and into this main stack and each fixture is vented through it too. In order for various drains to flow in the main stack water needs to gently flow down hill.

Codes may vary in size; these horizontal drain pipes typically need to slow down at least a quarter of an inch per foot of travel in other words a branch drain travelling 4 feet (1.22 m) to the main stack needs to slope downward a full inch.

Generally speaking a drain system  that flows slowly smoothie and makes sweeping terms rather than sharp ones is at best, but in case there is a clog there a cleanouts located throughout the system easily accessible places so a professional can snake the system

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How do I Protect my Home from flooding?

Most of us have heard of a friend or on the news, or experienced a basement flood. You know how devastating and expensive it can be. Managing the aftermath of a flood can be emotionally, physically and financially exhausting. Luckily, today’s plumbing technology has given us how to safeguard our homes from floods before they even occur.

Installation of a Sewer Mainline Backwater Valve in your Home or Property

A mainline backwater valve installation is the best answer to shield your Property or home from sewer backups and floods. Operating as a reverse preventer, a sewer backwater valve is a tiny device about the scale of a backpack. This tiny, nonetheless outstanding device stops the reverse flow of water into your home, keeping your basement dry and your home free from damage.

When it’s in place, your sewer backwater valve installation gives you complete genuine peace of mind knowing that any sort of reverse flow of sewage and greywater will be blocked into your basement. It’s important that the reverse flow of sewage and greywater be halted quickly because once it begins to enter your home or property, the harm is now done and it’s past the point where it is possible to turn around.

Backwater Valve: How it Works

Your property or home’s drainage system allows gray water and sewage to drain out of the property or home. A backwater valve will halt reverse flow of gray water or sewage from reverse flow into your property or home should the building sewer main become overloaded. At the most, you can access the backwater valve by opening the access cover. You can verify by looking through the clear cover on the backwater valve access box.

In the back water valve there is a swing flap that is regularly open permitting sewer gases to be vented as well as sewage and greywater to leave your property or home. There is a swing flap in the event of reverse flow of sewage or grey water in the municipal drainage system into your property or home. The flap will start to lift at the same rate as the reverse flow and shut tight in this manner keeping anything from entering your property or home.

When the municipal drainage system clears, the flap will fall into the open position due to gravity, thus permitting water and sewage to continue streaming out of your property or home.

In the event that this backwater valve is being put in a current home, rather than in new construction, obtain a plumbing permit from your municipality as needed.

Backwater Valve Installations in Basement by a Licensed plumber

Suppose you live in a flood inclined zone. Or perhaps your zone is known to get substantial rainfalls at least once a year. It’s worthwhile to invest in a backwater valve for your home. In regard to floods, it’s worth taking the matter in your own hands and protecting your property or home.

Backwater valves are required by the plumbing and building code, municipalities have adopted the code, it’s also recommended by insurance companies. It’s much cheaper when installed in new construction, in retrofit applications, its labor and time-consuming work. Municipalities require a plumbing permit and inspection. You need to hire a licensed and experienced Plumber to do the job. At Mechanical Masters Inc, we handle the permit acquisition, book an appropriate time with you and perform the backwater valve installation right away. Once the installation is complete, we arrange for a municipal inspection. In some municipalities there are subsidies available, check this link with Epcor.

Take a look at this well put together video by the Insurance Bureau of Canada on how a backwater valve is installed, and how it works.

How Backwater Valves are Installed

Once the quote is approved, Mechanical Masters Inc books you in for the backwater valve installation.

  • We break the concrete floor in your basement. (In order to avoid harm and guarantee good and correct work, this should be done by a certified skilled plumber.
  • A section of your sewer line is cut out and replaced, With the backwater valve.
  • Now that the backwater valve is in place your property or home is protected against future sewage or greywater flooding.

Mainline Backwater Valve Maintenance is Important

Installation of the Mainline backwater valve is the most important aspect of sewage and grey water flood protection, without proper maintenance. Over a period of time the backwater valve will leak due to cracks to the flap. If the flapper does crack, it should be repaired right away. The mainline backwater valve has a clear see through top cover and a removable cleanout cover, which makes it convenient for inspection by a qualified plumber. At Mechanical Masters Inc can contact this sort of inspection for you, and it’s covered in out plumbing deluxe maintenance plan give us a Call today

A Backwater Valve Installation is one of Two ways to Protect Your Home from Future Flooding Consider A Sump Pump

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Water Filtration

At mechanical Masters we do understand that everyone is looking for new ways to improve their health. Like increasing their safe water intake.

our technicians a trained and certified in water filtration and  backflow prevention

A safe and reliable supply of water is required to maintain life; some water supplies contain minerals that make the available water less than desirable.

Water is a very interesting and amazing substance that can be found in solid liquid and gaseous State and is considered the best Solvent known to man.

Water hardness

Water hardness (calcium and magnesium salts) is the most common impurity in water most home supplies range from 3 to 25 grains per gallon hardness.
Total hardness is measured in grains per gallon or milligrams per liter and it gets how much mineral deposit has dissolved in the water

Disadvantages  of hard water
Scale buildup In pipes
Hot water tank failure
Scale buildup in water kettles
scale on Bath sink and Kitchen faucets
Use of more detergent washing machines
And many more

Water Filtration

A lot of people are concerned about how I filter my water. Many people at least 90% of Canadian households get their water out of the public water supply, Which is perfectly safe. but people a still worried, their go out to get cases of this bottle water and there’s no guarantee that this is any better because this is out of a tap and gets filter to find a level of safety

If you are unsure where to begin with the water filtering system you could start with the simplest form of basic types of water filters,

  • point of use
  • under the counter
  • whole house filtration system
Advantage water filtration systems
Better taste And smell
The removal of chlorine and bacterial contaminants
Better for cooking, bathing and many more

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BackFlow Preventer

At mechanical Masters we do understand the need to establish a cross connection control program.  Our technicians at mechanical Masters are certified by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and hold a  certification to install and to recertify backflow preventers which also require an annual inspection for recertification, this is important to help eliminate the  potential cause of cross-connection(Backflow prevention) which has led to major epidemics and minor illnesses and even death.

Backflow preventer (cross connection) what is backflow prevention and what does it do to our portable water supply. essentially is there to protect our drinking Supply water. once water goes through the backflow preventer the city’s concern is that it doesn’t return.

Backflow Prevention Hazardous Classification

Any type of cross connection which involves water that might have been heated or cooled that cannot create danger to healthAny type of minor hazard connection which may have a low probability of becoming a severe hazardCross connection of water and water that contains additives or substances and a witch concentration is a danger to health

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Tankless Installation/Repair/Maintenance

Tankless water heaters are manufactured to supply endless hot water within the right parameters, And have a high Energy Efficiency rating compared to the regular storage hot water heaters or tanks.

Tankless water heater has a heating coil suspended over a gas burner with all necessary automatic controls when the hot water faucet is open and the water flows through the heating coil the gas burner is ignited by Water flow sensor and the water passing through the heat coil is heated

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The advantage of this method of heating domestic hot water is that it provides constant hot water supply and because there is no storage tank there is no heat lost during Idle periodsLarge input of heat causes some precipitation of the material in the water and frequent maintenance is required if poor water is used.
The lifespan for tankless water heaters is over 20 years if well maintainedThe initial installation labour cost and the Price of the tankless water heater
The energy efficient compared to regular storage tankTankless water heaters cannot be neglected when it comes to maintenance
Municipal Water having minerals in the water precipitation occurs in tankless water heaters requiring them to be flushed annually

The advantage of this method of heating domestic hot water is that it provides constant hot water supply and because there is no storage tank there is no heat lost during Idle periods

There are so many manufacturers of tankless water heaters on the market Some of these tankless water heaters are manufactured to act as boilers providing space heating for the entire house or home.

If you are considering or it’s time to place your tank storage hot water heater And thinking of replacing it with a tankless water heater. these tankless water heaters have advantages and disadvantages and you need consultation to see if a tankless is right for your application or budget.

At mechanical Masters out  journeyman technicians a trained, and certified with over15 years of experience to install repair and maintain any kind of tankless water heater

If you’re not sure what kind of application works best for you, feel free to give us a call so you could get a no obligation consultation or quote.

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Tankless Repair/Maintenance

At mechanical Masters Our journeyman technicians are trained to repair tankless water heaters so you can be rest assured that your tankless heater will be repaired to the manufacturers specifications.

We at Mechanical Masters recommend that customers or homeowners should not attempt to repair any tankless water heater. because of its small compact footprint. A tankless water heater has a lot of mechanical and electrical components Within them, if any mistake is done It could cost a few extra hundred dollars.

Maintenance is the key to a Smooth running tankless water heater

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Hot Water Tank Installation/Repair/Maintenance

Hot water Tank Installation/Repair/maintenance, most customers start looking for a new hot water heater, for the following reasons, no hot water or lukewarm water or spotted leaking around the hot water tank base or bottom, plumbers at mechanical Masters inc have the adequate training to diagnose and recommend the right cause of action

When selecting a new or replacement Hot water heater for your home or Business, you need to consider all plumbing installations, require an adequate supply of hot water. weather it’s a new install or replacement in a residential single family or commercial building, there should be adequate and sufficient hot at all fixtures requiring hot water.

Residential Water Heaters

The production of hot water for residential use is generally achieved by one of the following three methods

  • electricity provides energy to one or more elements immersed into the water with in the storage tank
  • Gas heats the water either in a large storage vessel over there in a small coil (instantaneous water heater)
  • Hot fluid from an external heat source heats water in a large storage tank with the aid of a heat transfer coil (indirect water heater)

The terms hot water heater and hot water tank are frequently used to refer to the same type of hot water heating device; Most domestic hot water heaters are storage type water heaters that incorporate a heating component and a storage tank component and are therefore covered by either terminology. On larger Commercial and Industrial applications, the two components may be separated and referred to as hot water heating component and hot water storage component

Commercial Hot Water Tanks

Commercial hot water tanks come in a variety of sizes usually very much heavier capacities than residential ones; sizes generally range from 50 gallons to 62 gallons with high capacity and fast recovery. for very large buildings such as high rises and large Office Buildings the hot water tanks incorporate a boiler with a large vertical or horizontal storage tanks these large capacity storage tanks are usually made of heavy gauge and coated Steel but some may be galvanized old line with Portland cement small tanks made of glass lined Steel

At Mechanical masters inc. We have qualified, highly reliable Alberta trained journeyman Plumbers for our customers. So book an appointment today,or give us a call and will recommend the right cause of action!

Hot Water Tank Repair/Maintenance

Maintenance of your hot water heater or Tank is very important, the following maintenance and repair  procedures Outlined in the manufacturers installation manual and should be performed by a qualified technician.

At mechanical Masters Inc we are trained to handle Maintenance & Repair issues  should there occur

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