Emergency Sump Pump Repair & Installation

In modern times basements are being developed into either rental suites, a movie theater or a play area for kids or grown-ups. That being said you don’t want it to be Ruined by a broken sump pump.

Purpose of a Sump Pump

The purpose of a sump pump is to lift or remove water, That collects in the  whipping tiles Around the foundation wall. And is located in the basement.

When installed correctly the sump pump handles the water that is trapped under the floor of the house. This water drains into a pit,  this pit can be field constructed or purchased as a complete unit with a pump inside. The Sump is generally operated by electricity but some pumps are battery powered. a 12 volt battery operated pump should be used as a backup in case power is cut off.

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Emergency Water Heater Repair

No hot water may not sound as an emergency, but it could ruin your entire day. Most people unlike businesses wake up in the morning and take a shower and if you jump into the shower and there’s no hot water that could ruin your entire day. 

Before you call for Service

ProblemPossible causesWhat to do
Rumbling noiseScale and segments in tankClean tank or contact qualified service technician
Release of producing popping noise drippingPressure buildupContact a qualified service technician
Not enough hot waterUnder sized hot water tankWait for Recovery of hot water contact a qualified service technician
No hot waterDepending on the type of hot water heater it could be a series of problemsContact a qualified service technician

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Emergency Burst Pipe Repair

In an event where you get a leaking pipe or a busted pipe. busted pipes always happen in the winter but also leaking pipes or pinhole leaks happen  at any time.

At mechanical Masters  our journeyman plumbers certified and trained to repair any kind of pipe little leak

Before you call

It’s very important for the homeowner or landlord to know where the water main shut off valve is located;  in older homes  the main water shut-off valve is located where the water comes into the house and in newer home’s it’s located next to the hot water heater.

Water damage

In today’s society and innovation there are so many tools that help prevent massive water damage caused to homes or buildings.

And many more Nowa 360

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Emergency Gas Repair

What’s Natural Gas

Natural gas in its pure state  is an odorless colorless and tasteless gas. A safety precaution is that natural gas must be detected by smell. A safety Precaution the local gas company adds an odorant to the Natural Gas go to mercaptan.

Main shutoff valve

The main shut off gas valve is located outside your house and it’s usually on the North side of the house, In a commercial building it is different and at this point you just have to call the gas supplier shutoff gas valve is located where the gas line comes out of the ground and there’s a shut off valve on the right side.

If you smell gas

ProblemPossible causesCorrective action
If the gas smell is very strong in the house or buildingGas leaks a usually caused by poorly fitted piping and appliancesleave the house or building call Gas supplier and 911 immediately.
If you smell gas but not in dangerA small leakcall a certified gas fitter OR technician

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Emergency Sewer and Drain Cleaning

At mechanical Masters we understand the problems with drainage don’t come announced, so in case of an emergency mechanical Masters  journeyman plumbers are here to help  give us a call

Any number of substances can cause drain blockages from Roots to Grease to articles lost down the drain and without knowing what is causing the blockage you cannot know how best attack the problem.

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