Boiler Installation/Repair/Maintenance

Boilers are manufactured from a variety of materials and in various partners the use of any particular type of boiler is dependant upon the application of the heating system the type of boiler  able to provide heat for the intended application and must be long-lasting and trouble-free

it is important for the customer to understand the basic function of low and high  temp hot water heating boilers and the trim required to be installed on them.

Boiler Installation

Installation must conform to the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction,Installation code for the hydronic heating systems and/or the manufacturer’s recommendations. At mechanical Masters Inc we are trained and certified to install any kind of boiler.

Boiler Problems and Solutions

statistically poor maintenance and operation cause approximately two-thirds of old boiler failure. Controls are used to protect the boiler against unsafe operating conditions flame Safeguard operating limit safety interlock control devices are the most common controls

Boiler Service Instruction and Troubleshooting

Service and inspection of the heating system should be conducted at the beginning of every heating season to minimize the chance of the boiler and system failure. Boiler manufacturers Have different recommendations for different boilers.

The manufacturer includes a section in the manual to deal with troubleshooting boiler and controls that directly operate the boiler this section will contain a sequence of events charts details what should happen when room temperature calls for heat and troubleshooting tips assist you when the boiler fails to start

Boiler Maintenance Requirements

Most of the maintenance required on a radiant floor heating system centres on the boiler pumps, mixing valves,  zone valve manifolds, water quality  and water temperatures. the components included in today’s boiler systems require little or little to no maintenance and are designed to last for years

Antifreeze / glycol is added to a heating system to prevent freeze-up. In a radiant heating system, freeze-up normally occurs in slab-on-grade applications. When choosing glyco for an application, the glycol must be compatible with the material in the system in order to prevent premature failure.

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Mechanical Masters Inc Gas Piping Installation

At Mechanical masters inc our certified journeyman gas fitters have the training and experience of installing new, alterations and repairs, natural and propane gas pipes of all sizes. Natural and propane gas piping is installed by qualified and licensed gasfitters who have participated in Alberta gas fitter apprenticeship program and hold a (Journey certificate A/B).


They are a number of factors that are to be considered in a gas piping installation. Commercial or Industrial installations are designed by an engineer; however Residential gas piping installations or alterations require a gas fitter to size the gas supply piping.


The Authority having jurisdiction requires a permit to be executed before the work is started; and when the the work is completed the authority having jurisdiction will inspect to make sure the gas piping was carefully installed To the specifications of the gas fitting code

Pressure Testing

Before any gas piping is put into service and considered satisfactory, the piping shall be tested at the minimum pressure of 15 psi and should hold this pressure to a minimum of 15 min piping under 2 inches  in size and under 200 feet  (mechanical Master inc prefers to keep the pressure test on overnight)

Items that require Gas PipingTypes of gas pipeTypes of gas pipe connections
Warm Air FurnaceGalvanized or black schedule 40Threaded joints
Kitchen Appliances (Residential & Commercial)Copper pipe or tubingFlanged joints
Hydronic Boilers (Residential & Commercial)Iron pipe Schedule 40Threaded joints
Gas fire PlacesCorrugated stainless steelBrazed joints
Barbecue LinesBarbecue hoseCompression joints
Clothing Dryers (Residential & Commercial)Iron pipe Schedule 40Threaded joints

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