Common Plumbing Repairs

Regular maintenance will Significantly help prevent small plumbing problems from becoming a major repair job. In the course of regular usage, you will encounter some of these common plumbing issues. Take note of any plumbing issues, even small ones, at mechanical masters inc will address these small issues.

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Here are some of the most common plumbing complaints and repairs:

Low Water Pressure

At the point when water pressure from the showerhead or faucet starts coming out at below moderate or slow trickle when it ought to be consistent, strong pressure, you have low water pressure. Generally a drop in water pressure is brought about by a build-up of mineral deposits or sediment in the pipes, aerators, or showerheads. You can limit mineral buildup by installing a water softener. Alternatively you can soak the showerheads or aerators in vinegar from time to time. If the low water pressure is specific to one fixture, you can fix it by cleaning or replacing the showerhead or aerator to remove build up. If the low water pressure is affecting more than one room, it might be a bigger issue, such as a leak in the main or a problem with the pipes.

Slow Draining Sink or Tub

When it comes to waste water, drains in the kitchen and bathroom will become clogged with debris causing a slow drain. To clear the blockage, first remove the strainer or drain cover and clear out any solids blocking the opening. In the bathroom, use a zip-it drain cleaning tool , which can be inserted into the drain to bring up any hair or muck stuck in the pipe. Another useful tool for clearing clogs is the ever-reliable plunger. The plunger creates a vacuum seal to dislodge debris stuck in the pipes. When the clog is deeper than a plunger or zip-it can reach, you may need to use a drain snake or unclogger hose. Mechanical cleaning of blocked drains he’s arguably the best way to remove choke points or blockages from drains

Running Toilets

A running toilet is a noisy disturbance and can produce a spike on the water bill. In spite of the fact that shaking the handle appears like an answer, it isn’t. usually a running toilet is because the flapper, located inside the toilet back, is not sealing properly. Replacing the inner workings of the toilet is straightforward and quick and might assist you save on your water bill.

Check and replace as needed:

  • Flush valve: flush valve does two things and prevents water from overflowing the tank and flooding into the room. Secondly like the word says it flushes waterdown the bowl.
  • Flapper chain: is connected to the handle, and Lifts the flapper at the bottom of the toilet tank
  • Flapper seal: flapper sits on the flush valve opening and the weight of the water Facilitates a tight seal
  • Float and fill tube: Controls the water flow from pipes into the toilet tank

The replacement components for the toilet tank are cheap and need basic skills to install. If the toilet is unrepairable, it should be time to change or replace it. With changing technology toilets on today’s market offer 1.28 gal/ 4.85 liters per flush and look for a Watersense certified model to help save water and lower your utility bills. Toilets are by far the main source water use in home

Dripping Faucet

Indeed, even small leaks dripping from your fixture or faucet can add up on your water bill. Typically, a slow trickle is caused by a worn out washer. Washers are utilized in creating a tight water seal in the faucets and will get worn out over time. If a slow drip goes unattended for quite a while, the cartridge and seat will be replaced in some cases .

Under the Sink Pipes

Leaks under the sink can now and again go unnoticed until it’s past the point of no return. Since that area is often utilized as storage, pipes can get knocked or bumped, weakening the connections. If water is dripping or leaking from pipes under the sink, the moisture can ruin the cabinet, floor, or subfloor. frequently, the issue can be fixed by simply tightening a connection. Other, more complicated issues could be a leak in the drain line, or a defective seal around the sink drain.

To look for the leak, try these steps:

  • Clear the area under the sink
  • Dry the area and pipes with towels
  • Place a bucket under the P-trap
  • Run water and watch for the leak

Once you know where the break is, you can tighten, fix, or replace the pipes
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Hot Water Tank Repairs

Rumbling Noise

Maybe in the last few days or weeks you’ve noticed your hot water heater is making a rumbling noise. this could be Worrisome for you and don’t know what to do. Assuming that’s the case, your hot water tank has a thick layer of segment build up. At the bottom section of the water heater and this could be hard to flush. You could do one of two things: one is to flush the hot water tank yourself or Give us a call or Schedule an appointment.

We’ll send one of our technicians to diagnose and provide the best possible solution

Dripping Relief Valve

Every hot water Heater contains at least one relief valve which protects the tank from excessive Temperature and water pressure. this relief valve should be in good working order, it’s designed to release a small amount of water When the temperature exceeds 210°F and the pressure exceeds 150 psi to protect the tank

  • The relief valve is located at the top of the tank
  • A relief valve has to be tested annually
  • A relief valve should have a pipe connected to it pointing down 6 in
    above the floor

Not Enough Hot Water

When you are experiencing not enough hot water, when filling up your bathtub and you run out of hot water that’s very typical but if you jump into the shower in the morning getting lukewarm water It’s very frustrating. And worrisome if you have to go to work without a shower. You can check a few issues that need to be checked up on. A hot water tank comes with a user manual they have a list of things that you can look for.

  • Thermostat set to low
  • Segment or lime in the tank
  • Water heater is too small
  • Wrong pipe and connection
  • Leaking faucets
  • Wasted hot water
  • Exposed long runs of water piping

No Hot Water

When it comes to no hot water at all it could be a series things that have gone wrong

  • The pilot light is not lit Burners off due to pilot outage
  • Non-functioning thermostat

Selly Water

When it comes to smelly water It’s often compared to the rotten egg smell. This kind of smell is often caused by number problems. but we need to determine if the smell is present on the cold and hot or both.

  • Hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Sulphate reducing bacteria
  • Chemical reaction within the tank

A corrective action is to replace the anode

Each water heater contains at least one Magnesium anode rod which will Slowly deplete, prolonging the life of the water heater by protecting the glass lined tank from corrosion. certain water conditions will cause the reaction between the anode rod and the water. The most complained associated with anode is a rotten egg smell produced from the presence of hydrogen sulfide dissolved in the water.

Replacing the Magnesium Anode

Turn off the gas heater and depressurize the tank and then at this point you could replace it with an aluminum anode.

Hot water tank repairs should be performed by a qualified journeyman gas fitter or pipefitter and mechanical Masters inc, our gasfitters have decades of experience on troubleshooting repair of any kind of hot water tank Give us a call or Schedule an appointment for fast same day service

Common Boiler Repairs

Boilers made from different materials and various partners. A particular type of boiler is selected depending on the application of the heating system. The type of boiler selected must be able to provide the heat for the intended application and must be long lasting and trouble-free.

It’s good to have an understanding of the basic function of a boiler. Most of boiler problems statistically speaking is poor maintenance and operation Contributes to two-thirds of all boiler failures and unscheduled shutdowns

Oversized or Undersized Boiler

Oversized boilers will consume a lot of fuel with no gains to the homeowner. an oversized boiler will short-cycle creating wear and tear on the burners and gas train

Over Pressurized Boiler

When a boiler is over-pressured this will cause the boiler relief valve to discharge water in order to maintain a boiler operating pressure setting. pressure relief valve is what protects the boiler from overpressure

Rumbling Noise from the Boiler

Boiler noise or rumbling sound from a boiler is a signal of low flow through the boiler and this could be caused by a number of issues. if you don’t have any experience working on boilers its not recommended for someone to go on the internet and read about it and perform this task it could be very deadly.

At mechanical masters inc our certified journey Plumbers/Gasfitters, have decades of experience give us call for same day service.

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If your furnace unit is costing you a lot in natural gas usage, not providing you with good warm indoor air quality, expected to live comfortably during the all seasons, it’s ideal to get a second opinion call Mechanical Masters inc for a furnace tune-up. Nobody wants to find themselves without warm air during the colder months but when you ignore your heating needs long enough, you may find yourself in that exact situation. However, the consequences of not seeking professional heating maintenance extend beyond discomfort. You may also encounter a higher risk of carbon monoxide exposure, placing the safety of your family at risk.There is also the additional pain of losing money due to frequent calls for repair service.

Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up with Mechanical Masters Inc

Luckily, thanks to an extensive heating tune-up from Mechanical masters inc , you can guarantee both safety and comfort the next following months ahead. We suggest you call for a heating tune-up from one of our experts at least once a year, so you can go 12 months without stressing out so much over the condition of your furnace. Not only will you be saved considerable amounts of stress, but you will also experience greater system efficiency guaranteed to save you money. Our team of licensed heating experts with decades of experience will inspect your furnace down to the last detail so even the littlest issues are fixed before the fall truly starts.

Things You Must Check During a Furnace Tune-Up

  • Visually inspect
  • Vent piping: Our certified experts will check and inspect the venting piping to see if the piping isn’t blocked with any debit.
  • Test combustion air openings: Combustion air openings can become blocked and lower system efficiency. A test run will ensure that no blockage is available and in the event that a blockage is present, our Heating expert can take steps in removing it.
  • Air filters: Changing or cleaning air filters periodically will improve indoor air quality and prevent your indoor air from becoming filled with contaminants
  • Combustion Chamber: Any tainting in the combustion chamber can forestall appropriate heating and, even under the least favorable conditions, demonstrate safety hazard. Our certified heating expert will clean it out so you have a heating system that is not putting your safety at risk.
  • Examining the burner: Our heating expert will guarantee the burner on your furnace is producing a good blue flame and working at optimum efficiency.
  • Check blower: the blower is the prime air mover and is a major component of the system, it is critical to clean them out to ensure their performance is not interrupted.
  • Fan control: Adjusting the fan on your mid efficiency furnace will allow for better blower control and airflow, thus increasing the efficiency of the system and improving indoor air quality.
  • Heat exchangers: Heat exchangers are the core of the furnace framework, it’s very important when inspecting the system. The exchange of heat from the combustion chamber happens inside the heat exchanger, and the Blower motor moves indoor air across the heat exchanger through the house is critical for efficiency.
  • Greasing moving parts: In older Mid efficiency furnaces periodically require lubrication of moving parts, will guarantee the furnace doesn’t start making loud noises when in operation and preserve its degree of energy efficiency.
  • Belt Drive: There are still many furnaces in operation; that use a belt to drive the blower. This means the belt will give way to cracks. These cracks on the belt might not be immediately visible, a thorough inspection of the system is needed to ensure even the littlest damage is spotted and fixed.
  • Thermocouple: A thermocouple is a safety gas switch in the furnace framework, so it is significant to have it checked for proper operation, as it proves one of the most common sources of no heat calls.
  • Adjusting the pilot light: Pilot light has two major functions. It is important for the pilot to be functioning right for proper light off, and system safety in the event of pilot flame loss. Our certified experts will also check the color of the pilot light, as a yellow pilot light can indicate the presence of carbon monoxide.Mechanical Masters Inc also offers carbon monoxide testing.
  • Electrical connections: Furnace heating systems are interconnected with electrical connections. over time can loosen, especially with vibrations, so tightening all of the connections prevents one common source of problems.
  • Manifold gas pressures: When it comes to natural or propane gas this specified task has to be performed by a qualified gas fitter, At mechanical Masters Inc our certified journey gasfitters with decades of experience will perform it task. The Burner manifold is where gas flows from the gas valve to the main burners, so checking the pressure and matching it with manufacturer’s specifications will ensure efficiency.
  • Gas line for leaks: A gas spill or leak is a safety hazard, but fortunately our heating expert at Mechanical Masters Inc will have decades of experience and equipment to detect even the littlest leak, When it comes to natural or propane gas this specified task has to be performed by a qualified gas fitter
  • Vestibule interior: The vestibule creates an air lock between the inner furnace components and the outer door, so this must be kept clean to prevent contamination and inefficiency.
  • Safety controls: Safety controls are connected in series and in some random occasions one of the safety fails your heating furnace will be out of operation, so the safety controls ought to be checked routinely to guarantee your furnace proper operation, and eliminate most common sources of early failure.
  • Supply and return air temperatures: by checking the actual degrees of temperature rise throughout your system, our technician can determine if the furnace is heating the home like it’s supposed to be heated. If the temperature rise is too high, it causes the furnace to trip on a high limit, and can stress the heat exchanger. If too low condensation could form rust in the furnace and clock the meter as well, and much with manufacturer’s specifications will ensure efficiency.
  • Carbon monoxide testing: carbon monoxide,though potentially very hazardous to your health, is tasteless ,colorless and odorless. Property holders or owners are typically not aware that carbon monoxide is available in their homes until this test is performed. At mechanical masters inc our certified journey technician with decades of experience are able to perform this task
  • Make Final Operational Check:Finally, a full operational test will make sure that the tune-up was done correctly. It’s a Mechanical Masters Inc way of ensuring everything in your furnace is working just the way it should and ready to protect you from the cold.
  • Advise Customer of Results of Check: its is important to advise owner or the current condition of the heating system

Don’t Let Winter Sneak Up On You, Get Your Heating Tune-Up Today
Contact Mechanical Masters Inc today to ensure your furnace is ready to go for winter’s coldest days with a heating tune-up!

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