As you may well know that gas is used for heating and cooking in our homes and places of business.

Gas installation should be done by a professional gas fitter or pipefitter; it’s not to be performed by an unqualified  personnel or handyman.

A permit must be issued before any gas installation work is carried out.  Upon completion, the gas line installation must be pressure tested and inspected. The standard test used on gas installation is an air test and there are requirements for those pressure tests.

In newer homes or commercial buildings the gas Installation process has to be done first and then approved by the Authority having jurisdiction and, then a gas metre will be issued.

During the installation process the installer gas fitter or pipefitter, will execute the piping installation correctly and efficiently and will verify that the installation is safe and functioning properly. good workmanship is one of the key factors to correct piping insulation.

Why do gas leaks happen?

The number one cause of gas leaks is loose joints caused by stress on the gas piping. gas leaks could occur in any gas piping system. These are some of the most common places where a gas leak may  occur, at multiple joint connections, unions and flex line connectors.

What are the signs of a gas leak?

Natural gas has an odorant added , it’s a rotten egg kind of smell but It’s actually a sulfide Smell.

What should I do if I have a gas leak?

There are few situations if the odor is very strong you need to call 911 and also call your gas supplier as well. but in a case where the odor is not very strong but you could smell it you could give us a call.

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