Q. What plumbing services do we offer?

We serve Edmonton and surrounding areas, view our service area map here.

Q. What are your rates?

We need a site visit at your home for a quote. The reason being plumbing problems aren’t the same in most homes.we at mechanical masters inc we don’t have hourly rates  we offer flat rate pricing this (includes labour plus parts)

Q. Do you offer after hours emergency services?

Our regular appointments Monday to Saturday 8 AM to 7 PM. and emergency plumbing and heating services available 24-7 if you need us after our 8am -7pm hours monday through Saturday. with an additional emergency fee, let be in the middle of the night.

Q. Am a senior do you offer senior discounts?

We do offer discounts to seniors and  Canadian Armed Forces current and veterans of 10% off

Q. Do we accept cheques as payment options? Do you charge gst for cash payments?

Here are our acceptable forms of payments

  • debit and credit cards
  • E-transfer
  • Cheque
  • Cash is acceptable we don’t offer a discount for cash and don’t carry change
  • work that costs over $1,000 we can provide financing
Q. What’s your service call cancellation policy?

When it comes to schedules, understanding that changes happen, and being as flexible as possible We’re definitely open to rescheduling your appointment, please give us 24 hours’ notice when cancelling

Q. What is your service call warranty?

Our labour is a one year warranty on repairs. If we supply any fixtures it is a two year warranty . If for any reason something goes wrong, we’ll come back and fix it absolutely free!

Q. Are your technicians certified journey plumbers?

Our technicians are certified journeyman plumbers and gasfitters, and we care WCB insurance and Liability Insurance.

Q. My condo board wants you to provide copies of your qualifications and insurance paperwork

Upon request we can provide WCB Insurance and liability insurance  as well as a journeyman certification ticket

Q. Can you fix other plumber’s work?

We’ll make an assessment and will provide you with the best course of action to fix any Plumbing issues and that work will be covered under a 2 year warranty on labour

Q. What are backwater valves and do they install them?

Backwater valves protect your home from sewer line backup and yes we do install Backwater valves. You can learn about the rebate and conditions here.

Q. Do you repair furnaces or hot water heaters?

We repair both furnaces hot water storage tanks and tankless water heaters

Q. Do you repair garburators,washing machines, dishwashers or other water using appliances?

Yes we do repair garburator has washing machines, dishwashers and water softeners.

Q. How do you find leaks in walls?

There’s only one way we can be sure we know where the leak is coming from. Is by opening the wall. We carry a tool used to detect moisture inside a wall. But it only tells that water exists, not where the source of the leak is located. water could be flowing from somewhere else in your home, and possibly running along a pipe for a bit before it drips.

Q. If you open up my drywall, flooring, or tiling, can you fix it?

We are not. drywall or flooring contractor’s so it doesn’t make any sense for a plumber to fix drywall or flooring. You will save a lot of money by hiring flooring or drywall contractors. We can make some recommendations to some of our trusted flooring and drywall experts.

Q. Do you fix damage caused by a leak or sewer back up?

We don’t fix any damage caused by a leak or sewer backup that is something to you as the homeowner or building owner or landlord Need to take it up with the insurance company to fix all the damage is caused by the water leak or sewer backup

Q. Will you give my email address and other contact info,to marketing companies?

We use email addresses to send receipts, invoices or estimates only.

Drain Cleaning

Q. Are drain cleaning chemicals ECO friendly?

Most of these chemical cleaners, Use harsh chemicals to generate heat to break down the clog by creating heat. This could damage ABS pipe or PVC pipe that’s in your home or business.  when it comes to copper piping and Brass these chemicals will deteriorate your drainage creating premature failures and costing you more money the best option is to call a plumber. to snake the drain for you in this case, that will help break down all the clogs that are in the drain and will be flushed with plain water.

Q. Can I use chemical drain cleaners to keep my drains running?

If there’s nothing wrong with your drains there’s no reason to use chemicals which are hush to the piping. you could use baking soda or vinegar in case you feel the urge to do it.

Q. I have a slow draining sink and I used cleaning chemicals.and that didn't help what else can i do?

Most eco-friendly drain cleaning chemicals have to sit in the drain or sink for at least 30 minutes to an hour. to have contact time with the clog and if this doesn’t work, it’s time you call a plumber to come and manually clean with a machine that’s called a snake.

Q. From the time I call when can I expect drain cleaning service for a clog?

At mechanical Masters inc.  our plumbers  try to be as efficient as possible by responding to drainage backups within 2 hours receiving the phone call.

Q. How can I prevent the sewer from backing up in my house?

When the street sewer line backs up. The sewage will potentially back up into your house and to prevent this, is by installing a Backwater valve. It’s a black box with a yellow flapper inside of it that when the streets sewage starts to backup the flapper lifts and blocks the sewage from backing up into your home or business it’s located in the basement where your main water drain exits the house or building.

Q. What causes the smell,I ran some water in the sink and I noticed a smell?

Sewer gases caused by dried out P-trap of a sink, bathtub and or a toilet that has not been used for a long time. These are some of things you need to check before you call a plumber. If this doesn’t solve your problem. call mechanical Masters Inc and our plumbers will investigate the cause of the sewage smell.


Q. My bathtub faucet is constantly dripping?

Hard water is the number one cause of failed cartridges.Your faucet cartridge needs to be replaced but that has to be determined by diagnostic from one of our technicians

Q. My bathtub is old, can I repaint or resurface?

They are companies out there that are renowned for  painting and resurfacing. it’s a short-term solution but not durable like the original we recommend replacing is your best option.

Q. What is a bathtub liner? What are your thoughts?

A bathroom liner is M3 material or acrylic liner that’s placed on top of the current tub and glued down. This type of innovation has been around for many years and he has got better over the years I personally think that it’s a personal choice to go that route and there companies like Bathfitters is renown for bathroom liners


Q. There are brown marks on the ceiling. What's causing this?

The cause of these brown marks on ceilings, could be caused by a number of issues for example a leaking bathtub drain, hot and cold valve, drain pipe, all water lines above the the only way to know for sure is to open the ceiling all the walls next to where the source of the leak.

Q. If you have to open the ceiling to fix the leak, who will repair the ceiling?

Most ceilings are made of drywall. We can recommend a drywall contractor, it’s not cheap to pay a plumber to fix your drywall. It’ll be too expensive.

Q. Water is dripping from the ceiling and no water faucets are running. What should i do?

If you notice water leaking out of your ceiling it’s probably a waterline that has a pinhole leak and you need to shut off the water main and give us a call at mechanical Masters inc.

Q. There is water coming out of the bottom of my water heater. What should i do?

Your hot water storage tank is leaking internally. This means it has to be replaced at this point, shut off the water main which is always very close to the hot water tank and give us a call. We will be happy to come out and diagnose the problem and give you the correct course of action or quote replacement.


Q. Water pressure from my shower head is low. What's causing this?

Low pressure in plumbing fixtures is caused by hard water. Checking the shower head make sure there’s nothing preventing water flow and if that’s not the case then the shower valve control needs to be replaced and it’s not usually a simple DIY job, give us a call at Mechanical Masters Inc, and we’ll come out and diagnostic problem and give you the right course of action or give you a quotation on replacement!

Q. Water is constantly dripping out of my shower head what's causing this?

Hard water is the cause of a dripping shower head, the shower valve control has a problem, and needs to be checked or Give us a call mechanical Mass inc and we’ll come out, and diagnostic problem and give you the right course of action.

Q. The shower handle is getting hard to turn, what's causing this?

Calcium buildup caused by hard water is the main cause of this kind of issue. The cartridge has to be replaced. give us a call at mechanical Masters inc, will come out and diagnose the problem and give you the right course of action


Q. I’ve noticed my toilet is loose and wiggles. What should i do?

They could be a number of problems that are causing your toilet to be loose. One of them could be very simple as tighten the two bolts at the bottom of the toilet or it could be a more serious problem Give us a call at mechanical Masters Inc and we’ll come out and diagnose and give you the best course of action

Q. I periodically hear my toilet running. What should i do?

Wear and tear is part of any mechanical fixture and a toilet tank has moving parts that will wear out.give us call our plumbers will come out and diagnose the problem for you and give you the right course of action.

Q. My toilet fills up too slowly. What should i do?

There could be a few problems that are causing a toilet to fill up too slowly one of them could be the fill valve is dirty or the shutoff valve could be Partially Plugged so you should check these areas. give us a call because it’s not an easy job to do and will diagnose the problem and give you the right course of action or quote on replacement of either fill or flush valve.

Q. What's a dual flush toilet, and is it beneficial?

A dual flush toilet is a toilet that has two options when it comes to Flushing .There are two buttons right on top of the toilet tank lid, based on the type of use you push the appropriate button. Dual flush toilets are  very economical in water usage and I will recommend getting a dual flush toilet  because it lowers your water bill.

Q. I have to hold down the toilet handle for the toilet to flush properly why is this?

Parts inside of a toilet tank wear out over time and one of the parts that wear out is a flapper, flush and fill valve so these are the things that need to be looked at and if you cannot fix it yourself give us a call at mechanical Masters and we’ll come out and do a diagnosis and give you the right course of action

Sump Pump

Q. What is a sump pump?

It’s a pump that’s installed inside a basin.The water that collects around the basement footing  it’s rerouting into the basement basin and then the sump pump installed inside the basin pumps that water to the outside Street go back to the storm drainage

Q. Are sump pumps all the same?

The answer is no but I will explain all sump pumps design is based on the lift and with Atmospheric pressure  playing a big role. This is what makes the difference.

Water Supply

Q. I have no water coming out of my kitchen faucet why is this? and the rest of the house if ok?

Sediment in the water can make its way to the kitchen faucet and plug the faucet, there two ways, one is to clean the faucet and the other is to replace the faucet.if by cleaning doesn’t work give us a call at mechanical Masters inc will be happy to replace your new kitchen faucet

Q. Where do i find my water main shut off valve?

Your water main is located in the utility room or furnace room where your hot water storage tank is located in older homes is located where the water comes in into the house

Q. The shut off valve next to the water main is leaking, what should i do?

The water main shutoff valve can leak at some point and in this case. it has to be replaced Give us a call at mechanical Masters Inc  our plumbers will do the repairs for you. and also the the water supply company has to be notified to come and shut off the water main outside the house for the repairs to be done