Q. What's a furnace?

A furnace part of a heating system that heats your home or business with hot air. A blower motor moves air through the furnace where it is heated and then distributes the hot air throughout a home’s duct system. The heat is then released from the duct system through the vents and registers in your home or business.

Q. Should a furnace be installed professionally?

It’s a good idea to have your furnace installed by  certified Hvac, or gas fitter installer. Make sure the furnace has been installed correctly and will be running efficiently.

Q. Does my furnace need service when it's working?

It’s recommended that a furnace be serviced on an annual basis, servicing a furnace prolongs the life of the furnace not only also helps the unit to work efficiently. you can catch premature failures leading to less costly repairs.

Q. What is a furnace tune-up?

A furnace tune-up is preventive maintenance to ensure that the furnace is working at its full potential or efficiency.

Q. What's a furnace air filter?

When it comes to filters most people buy the cheapest filter not knowing the cheapest is the worst. Filter rating is as follows from 1 to 16 one being the poorest and 16 being the best. Based on MERV( Minimum efficiency reporting value) It’s used to tell you how well the air filter can catch dust particles in your home or business air

Q. When should I change my furnace air filter?

If you are using a disposable filter have it changed at least every 3 months and if you have the washable filter wash it every month.