Q. What's a boiler?

A boiler is part of a heating system that heats your home or business by using water. A hot water boiler system circulates water in the heat exchanger of your boiler, which is then pumped through pipes to heat baseboards or radiators before returning to the unit to start the cycle all over again.

Q. How many types of boilers are there?

There are two types of boilers condensing and non condensing boilers

Q. What is a condensing boiler?

The way a boiler works is natural gas  or propane is burned in a combustion chamber and the heat released through this process is transferred to the water Through a heat exchanger the by products of combustion is carbon dioxide and water vapour in a condensing boiler is made of stainless steel heat exchange to prevent corrosion is able to extract more heat out of the flue gases that would be wasted in a non condensing boiler in form of water vapour extracting heat out of water vapour is called latent heat of vaporization further cooling of the flue gases capturing more heat out of the flue gases and transferring the heat to the water through the heat exchanger. a condensing boiler can run temperatures as low as 100°F / 36°C

Q. What's a non condensing boiler?

A non condensing boiler will not exact heat from water vapour or cool the flue gas and is designed differently because the operating temperature cannot be lower than than 140°F /60°C due to corrosion and a good for baseboard or radiators

Q. What's the difference between a hot water heater and a boiler?

A hot water heater works the same way as a boiler. They both heat water, the difference is a boiler does a lot more than the hot water heaterA boiler has a small footprint based on the design for the application. residential and Light commercial you may have a 50 gallon hot water heater for domestic purposes and have a small boiler of about 400 MBH(thousand BTU’s per hour) which is a small footprint for a boiler for the purposes of space Heating it could do domestic hot water as well when it’s hooked up with an indirect fired hot water heater.

Q. What's an indirect fired hot water heater?

An indirect water heater is a storage tank with a coil inside the tank and isn’t hooked up to gas, electric and is not vented to the outdoors.the heat source is supplied from an independent boiler, hot water from the boiler is pumped through a coil in the storage tank.Which in turn heats the water in the  indirect fired storage tank.

Q. What's the difference between a furnace and a boiler?

A furnace Heats air and pushes it through ductwork by help of a blower into the living space or where it’s needed and a boiler does the same thing heats water and with a help of a pump hot water is pumped through pipes to radiators, baseboards and in-floors to heat the livin space.

Q. How can I tell if I have a furnace or a boiler?

Today’s world building designs have really changed in custom houses in apartments and Commercial places so the easiest way to tell if you have a furnace or boiler is by going to the mechanical, furnace or boiler room and check to see if you have a furnace or boiler you may have both.

Q. What's a combination boiler known as a Combi boiler?

Technology has really changed. with a very small footprint Engineers have been able to design a boiler to be used in conjunction with a fan coil, indirect tank radiant panels. so you can have one combi boiler heating water for domestic use and for space Heating.